Currently in Nairobi, Kenya


Bringing hope, changing children's lives:
Making a difference in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children,
one child at a time, community by community.

Kenya Program Activities:

  • Child Sponsorship: Provides access to education and basic needs for individual children in primary and secondary school.
  • Holiday/weekend camps: Provides mentoring, leadership training and recreational activities for orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Post Secondary Assistance: Provides help with vocational training and college education for vulnerable youth.
  • Water Well and Facilities Improvement: Ongoing upgrades, development and upkeep of the Graceworks facilities to help meet the needs of the children and the community.
  • Early Childhood Education: A preschool that includes vulnerable children who would otherwise not have access.
  • Medical and Dental Care Clinics: For orphans and vulnerable children and for the community.


Local Orange County California Program Activities

  • Collection and distribution of basic needs items (new items only) including baby supplies, clothing and shoes of all sizes, school supplies, toys/sports equipment, blankets, food staples such as pasta and rice.
  • Hosting/facilitation of educational, informational and respite events for affected children and their caregivers.
  • Referrals and collaborative engagement with other community-based resource providers including churches, social services agencies and civic groups.

For more information on the above mentioned activities, please contact us at: